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‘It’s like a dream’ says new lord-lieutenant

Perth and Kinross has a brand new lord-lieutenant – Stephen Leckie from Crieff.

Stephen, who is best known for being the chief executive of Crieff Hydro, will take up the responsibility of representing the Queen in the region.

This comes after the former lord-lieutenant, Brigadier Sir Melville Jameson, stepped down from the role last month.

The PA spoke to Stephen to find out what he hopes to bring to this important role.

“I was delighted and stunned”, he said.

“It was like a dream, I can’t quite believe it .

“I was travelling back from down south from a car show, and when I arrived at the filling station, I had a number of missed calls and an email from the honours office.

“I had no idea what they were going to say, but when I called them they told me ‘the Queen has decided to appoint you as her lord-lieutenant in the area’.

Stephen said he was stunned to find out he had been given the position

“This is a massive privilege and a real honour, this is the biggest post I have ever been appointed to.

“I will be the youngest lord-lieutenant in Scotland at 54, so I have 21 years ahead of me before I would need to retire.

“I was nominated for it and then I had to have discussions with senior government personnel to talk about the tenancy of Perth and Kinross.

“There was also a lot of digging and making sure I was a good person and was not going to embarrass the Queen – thankfully I have never even had a parking ticket.

“I don’t know who it was that nominated me, or who else even got nominated.”

As well as heading up, Crieff Hydro family of hotels, Stephen is also chairman of the Scottish Tourism Alliance and is president of the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce.

He is also an active member of UK Hospitality and chairs the Scottish Government’s tourism leadership group, which is responsible for overseeing the national tourism strategy, Tourism Scotland 2020.

Stephen, who has a keen interest in classic cars, says he is looking forward to the role of lord-lieutenant of Perth and Kinross, and hopes to promote the region to its best.

He said: “I want to make people in the area feel good about working and welcoming friends and visitors to Perth and Kinross – folk need to realise this is a great place.

“We need to look at Perth and Kinross and think about what we can do to make it even better, because there is a lot happening here.

“As well as all the pomp and ceremony, the garden parties and handing out awards and honours, there will be a lot of hard work.

“I am a big royalist, and I have met all the royal family.

“They are hardworking and such a nice family, including the Queen.

“They are delightful people, so I am really keen to meet them again.

“I met the Earl and Countess of Strathearn [Prince William and Kate Middleton] when they came to Crieff in 2014.

“I was completely stunned by their presence, and I am looking forward to upholding the dignity of the monarchy in the area.”

He continued: “In work, I follow Ecclesiastes 9:10 – ‘Whatever you find to do with your hands, do it with all your might’.

“I try to live and breathe by that.

“I don’t chill, there is no time for relaxing – if you are tired, you should go and sleep, otherwise you should get up and go and do something.

“I am excited to represent the area and I will be working hard for success.”

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