About the Perth and Kinross Lieutenancy

How to Request a Royal Visit

The Lord-Lieutenant is responsible for the arrangement of a visit to Perth and Kinross, by a member of the Royal Family. The Lieutenancy Office will make the arrangements directly with the Royal Household, the host organisation/business, and the local Police.

A Royal visit is a special occasion. Often it marks a unique event in a town, community, business, school, or voluntary organisation. It could be a visit to open a new building or landmark, hospital, college or university, or recognising community projects and schemes, military units, and charities.

Invitations to members of the Royal Family may be made either directly to the Lord-Lieutenant or directly to the Private Secretary at Buckingham Palace, with a copy being sent to the Lord-Lieutenant. If you wish to extend an invitation to an event taking place in Perth and Kinross, you should allow at least 6 months’ notice. For a special occasion on a particular day, at least a year is required.

His Majesty The King and His Family undertake up to 3,000 duty visits a year, and requests invariably exceed this number. So, sadly, it is simply not possible for all invitations to be accepted. Nonetheless, all requests are given careful consideration.

Planning a Royal Visit involves a great deal of detailed work and partnership liaison. If your bid is successful, the Lord-Lieutenant’s Office will give full guidance and support.

If you have any questions – or wish to request a Royal Visit, please email the Lieutenancy Office at lordlieutenancy@pkc.gov.uk

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