About the Perth and Kinross Lieutenancy

Mrs L R Duncan Millar Celebration of 100 years

Louise Reid McCosh was born on the 15th March 1922; a second daughter and fourth child of  Mr  William Waddell and Louise Ethel McCosh at Easter Moffat, Glasgow.

During the 2nd World War she helped out at the canteen at  Drem Airfield training base, before joining up as a military driver in the ATS, driving senior officers around Scotland.

During a post war party she met Alastair Ian Duncan Millar MC, who was serving with the Royal Engineers and they married in July 1945, moving to Ramony and brought up four children.

While Alastair was working as an engineer at Pitlochry dam, Loise looked after the children and followed her abiding love of horse riding.  Riding all around the local area, she encouraged all her children to follow suit.

Besides her duties as a Mum, she became a Pony Club instructor as Alastair was working as a local councillor, which he did up to and including the birth of Tayside Region in 1973, when he was their first Convener.

She also was a stalwart of the Aberfeldy Show, and was responsible for the  Prince Philip Mounted Games.

After Alastair’s death in 1997, she continues to live at home with her miniature dachshund Lily.  She likes nothing better than entertaining friends and the family whenever they come around to visit their favourite Mother, Aunt, Granny and Great Grandmother.

Today is a special day celebrating with her own surviving children, James, Ian and Fiona,  Caroline, the eldest, having sadly died at the age of 52). She is shown here being presented with a Birthday card from Her Majesty the Queen by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Major David Noble.


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